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Long or short lash extensions: the long and thick of it

When it comes to lash extensions, everyone wants to know what length they'll receive upon arrival or what to choose. Customarily, the length we were instructed to use was 2-3mm past the length of the natural lash.

In recent times, there have been many lash artists using extreme lengths up to and beyond 25mm. While this length can be appealing to some clients, there are certain risks that come with these extreme lengths as well. I'll talk about some here.

First, when you're paying that kind of money for regular maintenance, you want to get the most wear time out of your lash extensions. Longer lengths can usually cause wear time to decrease drastically. When the lash grows out, the extension grows with it and weighs down your natural lash. This will definitely cause it to prematurely fall off.

Secondly, a definite concern for any client wearing lash extensions is will my natural lashes fall out? The simple answer to that is not if your lash tech understands length to natural lash ratio and proper application (we'll talk about that in a later post). What that means is that longer lengths could also cause more damage due to the weight and length of the lash.

So the next time you visit your lash salon, be sure to go to a lash tech who will understand these concepts of the lash extensions.

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