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Compatible with your skin's natural chemistry.

Oceana is a pH-friendly body wash inspired by the rejuvenating elements of the ocean. Enriched with mineral-rich Hawaiian sea silt and bamboo charcoal, it deeply purifies pores, while the nourishing properties of sea algae ensure skin remains soft and supple. Gentle enough for facial use, it also maintains the delicate balance of intimate areas, respecting the body's natural acid mantle.


Oceana is formulated with skin health as a priority. Its pH-balanced formula safeguards against alkalinity, preventing dryness and irritation. Perfect for post-surfing, swimming, or intense workouts, it shields the skin from bacteria and restores its optimal acidic state, promoting overall skin wellness. With an invigorating blend of lemongrass, cypress, lime, and geranium, Oceana's refreshing scent may even inspire you to indulge in twice-daily showers!

Oceana pH Friendly Body Wash

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    • Hawaiian Sea Silt: A natural sediment found in marine environments that is mineral rich, detoxing, anti-inflammatory, skin softening and hydrating.
    • Activated Charcoal: Draws out impurities and deeply cleans pores without stripping skin’s natural protective oils.
    • Key Lime Oil: Cleansing, astringent and uplifting.
    • *Certified Organic Ingredient
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